Car Audio Speaker Wiring Color Codes

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Car Audio Speaker Wiring Color Codes - car stereo wiring color codes by 183 may 3 2017 the picture below shows the wiring color codes for a cea aftermarket radio harness that is included with most radios brands like pioneer alpine sony kenwood jvc boss and jensen identify the function of each wire on the new stereo which you plan on wiring to your car using your stereo wiring diagram as with the previous wiring diagrams each stereo s diagram is unique so the function of each color may differ if you have the pigtail that came with your aftermarket head unit and it uses the standard colors then the wires will have the following purposes and colors power wires constant 12v memory keep alive yellow accessory red dimmer illumination orange w white stripe ground wires ground black wiring harness color standards aftermarket car audio wiring harnesses use a standard color code to identify what the wire is used for understanding what these.
colors mean can make your installation faster easier as well as ensuring that your installation is done properly it is important that the appropriate cables are connected properly to car audio aftermarket radio color codes there might be different colors in your harness since radios vary from model to model if you are not sure about color codes contact your nearest dealer or manufacturer fortunately most manufacturer s are trying to use the same wire codes factory wire colors codes are not universal see aftermarket videos above we discourage cutting the factory wire harness this section aids in troubleshooting and determining wire color codes phasing for speaker hook up locating power wires for installing external devices and add ons aftermarket car radio installation factory connectors car stereo wiring color codes mobile information labs offers many resources to allow the do it yourselfer.
easy car stereo installation and removal procedures we provide very vehicle specific diagrams and easy to use instructions for ease of time and money car audio wiring diagrams car stereo wiring color codes car stereo wiring guides the modified life staff has put their heads together to create an invaluable resource containing car audio wire diagram car stereo wiring diagram car stereo wire diagram car audio wiring diagram car stereo wiring schematic car radio wiring schematic and car radio wiring diagram car stereo wiring diagrams and car radio wiring diagrams quick radio wiring and wire color info radio wiring color codes radio wire color codes radio wiring diagram radio wire diagram radio wiring harness radio wire harness audio wire diagram audio wiring diagram stereo wiring color codes stereo wire color codes stereo wiring diagram speaker wire colors installing wire harness.
if the remaining wires are in pairs where one is a solid color and the other is the same color with a line then each pair typically goes to the same speaker you can test this by connecting one wire in the pair to one end of you aa battery and the other end to the other terminal

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